who i am

who I am is who you see,
women as free as free can be.
who you see is who I am,
Allah my Lord,my faith Islam.
My veil,my gown like flowing covers
Is what I wear to show all others
Life and beauty are not skin deep
Its in our hearts intentions we keep.
I walk out there yes not showing my hair
If that offends you then life is not fair.

I too have a heart and a brain that can think.
And before you ask if I’m depressed
Abused alone or completely oppressed
Just know I’m happy and I feel more free
when men aren’t gawking and flirting with me
I don’t need to dress up for strangers
or put myself in this world dangers

I feel grand in my palace with plenty to do.
and I can by the way go outside too.
I’m just like any other women you see
but covers and protects her modesty
I eat take-away food on the weekends
share my love with so many friends.
there’s more to me than what your eyes see
so don’t judge my choices before you know me.
to anyone out there who cant comprehend


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