“wish” u know

i know it’s hard for me,.but i do.
and what u know? in my life, I never felt it was in love. but sometime after the “love” it would be painful end.

sometimes I ask?
Is the hymn of love still there?
Is there still the best poem?
Is there still the best short story?
There will still love, love and affection?
Is there sincerity???
Is there a more noble spirit?
There are still … ??????

if indeed there has shown me
show in front of my eyes for me
and convince me about love
present and decorate my life
makes me happy and uplifted to the sky
find me a rainbow at night
make up for me

I’m sure someday he would come like a rainbow at night
accept me as I am
always loved
always hug
always missed
and finally the eternal love forever


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