Kiss the rain

lyric :
 I often close my eyes
 And I can see you smile
 You reach out for my hand
 And I'm woken from my dream
 Although your heart is mine
 It's hollow inside
 I never had your love
 And I never will
 And every night
 I lie awake
 Thinking maybe you love me
 Like I've always loved you
 But how can you love me
 Like I loved you when
 You can't even look me straight in my eyes
I've never felt this way
 To be so in love
 To have someone there
 Yet feel so alone
 Aren't you supposed to be
 The one to wipe my tears
 The on to say that you would never leave
The waters calm and still
 My reflection is there
 I see you holding me
 But then you disappear
 All that is left of you
 Is a memory
 On that only, exists in my dreams
I don't know what hurts you
 But I can feel it too
 And it just hurts so much
 To know that I can't do a thing
 And deep down in my heart
 Somehow I just know
 That no matter what
 I'll always love you

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